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The first launch of the three major service promises

Reasonable price

100% customs clearance

rate on time delivery,full compensation for our delay

Five advantages

Focus on door-to-door

Focus on industry freight

North America/Europe/Central Asia five nations

Teams are experienced

24 * 365 cargo status update and tracking update

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Amazon fba first-leg transportation

The first-leg transportation

LongYuan Forwarding Co.,Ltd. comes from the traditional international freight forwarders, with more than 10 years of traditional freight forwarding resources accumulation and precipitation, integration and innovation, which can offer more cost-effective services to those are focus on cross-border marketing business.

The advantage of the first-leg transportation

We deeply know:

Stable international freight forwarding guarantee, which is your inventory cost control, LISTING ranking guarantee premise!

The advantage of the first-leg transportation

It is well known that AMAZON FBA can not be used as a consignee to handle customs clearance services, which requires merchants to register their own importers qualify or borrow the freight forwarding qualification to clear

Why do your goods will be inspection?

Case 1: freight forwarding goods are mixed with importers, one of the sensitive goods inspection, your goods are also checked together.
Case 2: Your declared unit price has not been a reasonable valuation, reach the red line of declaration of large data
Case 3: Your importer qualification has been blacklisted

Why customs clearance time is so long?

Customs clearance of countries around the world is slightly different, but the efficiency is very high. Especially, the main sales countries in AMAZON , including the United States and Canada, the European, all of those countries customs clearance is very fast, generally 1-3 working days. If you exceed this time, you have to consider if there is any problem with the operation.

Standardized operational flow chart

We carry out the file pre-examination, unit price assessment, pre-clearance of the standard operating procedures in order to protect your goods quickly customs clearance.

Service advantage contrast:

Our services Non-professional freight forwarding services How to identify
LTL transportation

hipping / flight frequent,on time delivery,effective and stable

United States AMAZON FBA

one week at least three ships by sea,

one week at least four flights.

Canada / United Kingdom AMAZON FBA:

one week at least two ships by sea,

one week fixed at least three flights.

Other ways:

one week at least fixed one ship by sea,

at least one flight by air. Shipping is on time,

delivery time is stable.

  • one week to made a delivery or two or three weeks made a delivery by sea.

  • Sailing is not accurate, 25 days means 35 or even 40 days.

  • They always say direct shipping, however,

  • it will spend more time than usual.
  • You can confirm the vessel name and number before making a commitment.

  • With accurate vessel name and number, you can check the time of transport, and the effectiveness of customs clearance and delivery so you can tell whether the sailing date and flight offered by freight forwarding is reasonable.

  • Different countries of the customs clearance agent freight forwarding capacity is different, if you want to know more specific information, please consult our account manager.

  • When the goods shipped, ask for a customs declaration, check the vessel voyage, and then you can know whether the sail schedule.

  • Some people forge the document for export, who can also be through the port, and the declaration number to check whether it is their own goods, whether it is the vessel they have promised.
  • Direct ship need to pay attention to anchored port order, combined with the ship steering to confirm whether the "real direct-shipping".

With a rich of agent warehouse resources, when the ship were going to near the AMAZON FBA agent warehouse, we can palletize in the ship. It can maximize container usage and significantly reduce overall logistics costs average to single piece of goods.

  • Case 1: No rich agent warehouse resources, it is recommended that customers make a delivery after palletizing. Lower container utilization. High single cargo logistics costs and high overall logistics costs

  • Case 2: Only with the basic seaport warehouse resources, with long-distance transport to the Amazon FBA after palletizing, with get on and off frequently, all of those are easy to cause damage to the label or even cargo damage, AMAZON FBA refused the goods, even when buyers received damage goods, they are require to refund.
  • Case 1: To make a comparison between the freight forwarding logistics program before commitment, the cost average to each single good.

  • Case 2: When you make the commitment, according to the container number query whether the place of empty container has short distance to AMAZON FBA, if you want to learn more businesses, please consult our account manager.
Air transportation:

special cargo with special flight. Direct flights and diverted flights variety of programs, make clearance immediately, ensure effectiveness of delivery.

The so-called flight+delivery, which can be approved with different goods, make clearance with other goods. Check out distance, High rate of buckling goods, Instability of the delivery.

You should ask the freight forwarding to provide a single copy of the owner of the flight, through the airline website can be self-inquiry whether there only have you commissioned a kind of cargo information..

return and change labels

It is very convenient to return, change packaging, re-labeling, re-palletize, due to the rich agent warehouse resources. At the same time it can eliminate the high cost of transport.

High cost of transport and operation

More value-added services:
  • European EORI & VAT apply for localization, reasonable price

  • The United States Canada ORI NUMBER customs agents directly apply, the lowest price in market, two working day can gain numbers.

  • Domestic export tax rebate, if the information is complete, you can receive tax returns to your account within 3 working days

  • PAYPAL/AMAZON PAY the withdrawal fee is less than five thousandths.

Second-hand, second-hand price, high cost,
no such service.

If you want to learn more details,
please consult our account Manager.