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The first launch of the three major service promises

Reasonable price

100% customs clearance

rate on time delivery,full compensation for our delay

Five advantages

Focus on door-to-door

Focus on industry freight

North America/Europe/Central Asia five nations

Teams are experienced

24 * 365 cargo status update and tracking update

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Ex works freight

In the EXW term, International Freight Service play positive role in communicating with the consignor, timely feedback accurate cargo situation with the most suitable international freight program which is the most complete door-to-door service.

We offer:

The local agent of sourcing destination, good communication, timely feedback.
The most suitable international freight project, locking the logistics costs
Professional clearance advice
Detailed list of customs clearance documents leading and guidance

We have served the industry and clients:

  • Laboratory equipment:
    Blue Leopard Laboratory / Teng Shuo technology equipment /
    Rui Yi equipment and instrument, etc.
  • Medical products:
    Changzhou Startborn, etc.
  • Wine/dairy products/food ingredients:
    Yuchuan winery/Rongyao food/Be Na Jia/
    Shanghai food import and export, etc.
  • Paint:
    Ivitt electrical insulation materials, etc
  • Brand clothing:
    Hangzhou, Lee Cooper, etc.
  • Shell fabric :
    Zhong Zhi Clothing/ Shun Yang clothing, etc.
  • Machinery and equipment:
    Priscian, etc.
  • Aerospace materials:
    Beijing Li Fu Wei industry, etc.
  • other industry